As it is said Kenya has a larger number of unemployment than most countries, and the biggest portion are the youth who have just finished high school and colleges. Due to this high number of unemployment among the youth, many have opted to search employment in their own way just to get a living.


Some have ventured into the jua kali sector, while others get themselves into trouble by being involved in criminal activities. Our Kenyan economy is being moved by the larger mass of the jua kali sector of over 80%.


As I completed my form four certificate I wasn’t lucky to proceed on with my studies, so I hit the road to look for a job; that’s when I realized it wasn’t easy because I didn’t find any. But by God’s grace, we came together as youth in our community (baze) and we were able to form a group that is called vijana wa neema s.h.g in 2010.  As a group, we came up with projects such as carwash, garbage collection which later was cut short and beadwork.


Our major income which is from our carwash project is under threat of extinction due to the upcoming construction of the outering road by next year 2014. We as vijana wa neema,  are afraid that our lives would change for the worse, because the project has been a major turning point for our many members who had been involved in many negative activities such as crimes, excess drug usage and hope for those who had lost it.


The car wash is located along outering road near Embakasi roundabout opposite Spinner’s pub. As a group we would like to request the involved stakeholder of the road project i.e. the government, K.U.R.A, Youth Ministry and well wishers to come to come forth to our rescue as we don’t intend to block the infrastructure.


As a group we would appreciate any form of help, be it in form of money or anything else, we would appreciate. 

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Cry for Action Against Rapists

Bands on the head read, ‘No Action, No Silence ‘while the t-shirts were written ‘We Say No to Rape,‘ the road show started from Kariobangi North through Korogocho and ended in Dandora.

Voices condemning rape echoed in the estate till people were forced to come out of their houses and from the look of their faces, some were surprised while others nodded their heads with pain on their hearts.

I enjoyed every bit of it, for the road show was lively and many people joined us on the way. This was enough sign to show that, the community has always made it obscene to discuss or even report rape cases whenever need to do so arise.

Many a times, both women and men get raped and the culprits walk away scot free either as a result of negligence of the victims or stigma. In most cases, the police get bribed or even community members defend the culprit, hence no disciplinary action is taken against the culprits.

Immediately we reached the chief’s camp in Dandora, there is an association that dramatized how rape occurs, tears filled the eyes of all those who were present when reality sank into their minds the effects of rape that one undergoes and how they endanger the lives of victims thereafter.

When speeches were being read out by the officials who presided over the function, I got to realise that rape cases were still rampant within Dandora area, only that residents had either decided to give it a deaf ear or ignore it altogether.

The chief discussed with wananchi their rights and gave the way forward when it comes to dealing with rape cases. I was able to learn a lot about rape, some things I used to take for granted, sank into my mind that day. At least I got to learn the steps to take in cases of rape.

It is great the road show bore fruits that we least expected. The question is, ‘Will the government and community at large play their role in curbing this vice?’

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Why does life sit on some people till breathing becomes a problem, it takes time for one to learn that life is sometimes hard and easy depending on ones capability.

 Simon found himself in this mystery, his parents were not capable and he was in class seven .his parents started fighting and quarreling this affected him so much.

Suddenly he started disappearing from home always on the run, when his parents started fighting. He had no one to turn in the difficulty he was facing .in school he was ridiculed by his classmates even his best friend gave him a cold shoulder.

Life became unbearable for him; he found a place to hide where he used to run to when things went bad at home. His mother looked at him sadly and wouldn’t utter a word to his heartbreaking son ,his family was slowly tearing apart.

This  made wonder and question myself occasionally  why do some people’s life become miserable yet  they can manage it?

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